Nanochip Skin Permeation Enhancer 1.0
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Geoskincare nanochip beauty instrument rejuvenate skin naturally by using advance nanofabrication and monocrystalline silicon technology. This ground breaking innovative beauty device has more than 16 patents application approved along with efficacy validation from hospital, professor and professional researchers worldwide.

Geoskincare nanochip beauty instrument is an award winning revolutionary technology that works effectively together with our five (5) different types of serum.

It is designed to enhance absorption rate at least 10 - 20 times higher by penetrating powerful ingredients underneath our skin to stimulate elastin and collagen production.

It is easy to use and does not cause any bleeding or discomfort. This device is safe, painless and light weight making it portable and conveniently accessible anywhere anytime.

What's in the box


Nanochip Skin Booster Gun Sets includes 4pcs

4ml Hyaluronic Acid Serum